Tana Bana is stronger!

Dreaming is easy but what is more important that you can make others believe in your dreams. As an organization you cannot grow until you have all the right ingredients- most important of all- right persons! How do you identify right people? How do you make them believe in your dreams? How do you convince them?

If you think you can run the show alone; you are sorely mistaken. As a leader of the organization you have a simple task- put far more knowledgable persons than you in charge of every responsibility. Easy to write and understand but how actually you do it?

As an entrepreneur you have to be a dream merchant. See dreams, sell dreams; make others buy your dreams. How others who matter and can actually make the difference, would be convinced?

There may be no substitute to passion and dedication. Consistency is the key. Be consistent with your dreams, vision, actions & emotions as far running an organization is concerned. People watch it, they always evaluate you, not that it matters much however it does to the extent that some of those people may be watching too, who may become stakeholders, those who can bring the value, those who can add to the strength, those who can share the burden, those who can act as catalysts, those who can instill confidence, those who can share the responsibility, those who can add value and most importantly those who share the passion. As far as identifying such people are concerned, it may be fairly easy- those who choose to support you and organization when the chips were down, those who choose to stick with you when the going gets tough, those who choose to share the dreams when future holds promise but present becomes uncertain! Tana Bana as an organization has been blessed when it comes to right people coming together for a right cause. To one of surprise, most of the team of Tana Bana comprises people who earlier worked with larger organizations with far better pasts and presents! They may have felt much secure there yet they chose to break out of the comfort zone; they chose future over pasts and presents! Result is a team par excellence- which can only be dreamt of being in a small city. One may be surprised to note that the least experienced and knowledgable person in Tana Bana is none other than its promoter; if anything this is something to be proud of- to be able to pool a team of experienced, relevant, passionate and knowledgable persons!

Any organization is run by people, any organization can be as good as its team. We take the liberty to share with you that Tana Bana is one of the most professional organization with the best team in the region. It is this belief and fact which adds to its strength and potential. We as a team have an experience ranging from 3 years to 13 years! Everybody seems to compliment the rest of the team beautifully.

The beauty of the organization is that the founder promoter is not the only person who is passionate and dedicated, There are others who share the passion and dedication! Every single person working with us has joined us at a crucial stage, some of them have contributed immensely even before formally joining, could you have asked for more? This blog is just a tribute to all those who believed in the future of Tana Bana as an sustainable organization. It is a thank you note to all of Tana Bana teammates who had choices yet they chose something which not many would dare to- they chose a prospect of future over the certainty of present.

Tana Bana as a team and organization can only hope that this zeal and passion only increases with time. Persistence is the key to success. Even if we are crawling but crawling every moment, eventually we will be there. We don’t want to follow anybody; we want to create our niche & destiny. We want to take the road less travelled. We want to create a road which is followed.

How do you define success? How do you define failure? How can you fail if you are not giving up? Only timeless genuine effort separates failure & success.

Remember, it is not fall that kills, it is sudden stop at the end. We are following the same mantra. We as team are not stopping, our confidence is sky high and for good reasons, It is only time which separates us from our destination! Till then we will enjoy every bit of the journey which is marked by our sweat & blood.


About Tana Bana Marketing Pvt Ltd

A Bhagalpur, Bihar based company working on inclusive model & involved in production on beautiful hand woven silk products & promoting other regional handcrafted products. Looking to establish as a silk & ethnicwear brand in long term.
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